Computer repair shops are booming

Computer repair shops are doing really well out of the recent recession as punters try to upgrade or repair older machines rather than buying new ones.

The Chicago Tribune  claims that more computer owners are opting to extend the life of their old electronics rather than buying new gear.

PCs which would have been scrapped a few years ago are now being fixed as punters don’t really want to sink money into new machines and would rather drink their problems away.

One bloke, Greg Levsen, owner of Neo Computers, sells new computers and revives ancient machines in his shop. He says in the past 18 months, repair work at his store has climbed from 60 percent or 70 percent of his total business to 80 percent . Many machines are five or six years old.

One thing that repair shop bods have noticed is that most of the machines appear useless because they are packed full of malware.

The rest are killed off by dirt and dust often build up inside a computer tower, which limits the airflow and cooks the gubbins.

Others are saying that the business has peaked a bit as customers are looking once again at new models.