Company launches 3D scanner

A company called Ortery said it has started selling the Photosimile 3D scanner. It will set you back $17,000.

The Photosimile 5000 includes a PC controlled turntable with lighting also controlled by PC software.

The unit comes with a Canon SLR camera,and a lighting system that’s also controllable through the software.

Photosimile 5000

The unit has a 28″x28″x28″ light box with 6500K daylight bulbs. The unit connects to a PC through a USB port, and can create 360 degree product shots and spherical 3D flash animations.

The turntable can support objects up to 25lbs in weight and can take 72 pictures per 360 degree rotation at nine different angles. The software will stitch together 20 pictures in around two and a half minutes.