Company comes up with ultra-accurate Kinect alternative

A new USB device, called The Leap, has just been released that puts Microsoft’s Kinect back into the stone age.

The hardware creates an 8-cubic-feet bubble of “interaction space”, which detects your hand gestures down to an accuracy of 0.01 millimeters.

This is 200 times more accurate than a smartphone touchscreen or Vole’s Kinect. The hardware doesn’t only detect hand movements and gestures. It allows you to use virtual objects, such as a pen or chopsticks.

So far the company, Leap Motion, has said nothing about the technology behind the Leap. It could use infrared LIDAR or a higher definition camera than the Kinect has.

The video below talks about a patented mathematical approach to identifying the movements. It is available to pre-order now for $70, which is cheaper than the Kinect and is expected to ship early next year.

If interfaces like this become common place the users will become a lot fitter. All that movement can only be good for the circulation. The lazier of us will still use the keyboard and mouse.