Compal is the top dog in notebook ratings

Giant original design manufacturer (ODM) Compal has beaten rival ODM Quanta into second place on notebook shipments.

Like Quanta, Compal manufactures notebooks to its customers’ specifications. An estimated ninety percent of notebooks worldwide are made by these shy and retiring ODMs. In addition to making notebooks for the multinationals of the world, the ODMs also make notebooks for sale through the distribution channel.

According to Taiwanese wire the Economic News, Compal shipped 12.5 million notebooks in the first quarter, while Quanta shipped 11 million. The wire estimates that Compal will now ship a total of 55 million notebooks during 2010.

Company revenues for the first quarter amounted to $291.7 million, a rise of 186 percent compared to the same quarter a year earlier.

Earlier this week, Intel CEO Paul Otellini forecast strong sales of notebooks between this year and 2014, while rival AMD introduced a fresh line of notebooks earlier this year.

The Economic News is here.