Colour e-reader shown off

Dutch boffins have been showing off a colour e-reader that supports video and potentially web browsing.

According to the BBC the prototype uses screen technology which is four times more energy efficient than LCD screens and nearly a hundred years old.

Dutch outfit Liquavista hope to see its displays jacked under the bonnet of other devices in the future.

Liquavista said it expects the first e-readers using the “electrowetting” technology to be available by the middle of 2011.

Guy Demuynck, head of the firm smart phones will probably the first user for the technology, followed by web tablets, PCs and notebooks.

Electrowetting has been known about for more than a century but is only now being perfected by several companies. It involves small electrical charges moving coloured oil within each pixel.

Pages on current e-book readers can take up to two seconds to load each page. The new display can change images at a speed of up to 60 times per second.

This is fast enough to run video, which typically needs a refresh rate of 50 or 60 frames per second.

It has advantages over LCD displays because it can work without a backligh, and gets better the more sunlight is projected at the screen. Unlike the ipad which becomes unreadable.

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