Cisco says Brits believe teleportation already exists

Some Brits believe that teleportation technology already exists, while others believe that technology we have had for years is a thing of science-fiction or many years away, according to a new survey taken by Cisco.

The report, titled Connected Conversations, was compiled after Cisco polled 1,500 people across the UK and Ireland, asking them about their expectations for technology in the 21st Century. The results showed that Brits tend to be completely clueless about current technology and have wildly fanciful notions about what we will be able to do within the next few years.

Five percent of those polled believe we can already teleport. That means at least 75 people out there are shouting “Beam me up, Scotty” and that’s not counting those who believe they’ve been abducted by aliens. 

Sixty nine percent believe teleportation will never exist, which means that 26 percent believe it will teleport into existence at some stage in the future.

Sixty five percent of the not so tech savvy group believed that 100Mb/s broadband is still four to six years away, even though the capability exists now and is being rolled out to many UK regions this year. Fibre-optic lines that were installed years ago had this capability, while new lines can offer even higher speeds. Of course, with the UK government committing to delivering the next-generation speeds of 2Mb/s broadband throughout the UK, it’s no surprise that Brits are not very clued in to how fast broadband really can be.

Fifty one percent of those polled believe that a “smart fridge” would only exist in 2015 or later. This technology, which orders groceries when it recognises shortages, is already out and has been for some time. Smart fridges exist, but smart Brits – we’re not so sure.

In a similar trend, 52 percent believe that video consultations with GPs would take seven to ten years to come into play, even though the first trials for this technology were taken two years ago.

Sixty nine percent believe that it would take at least 2 years to be able to pay for parking on a mobile phone, but again, this ability already exists. Having a smartphone, however, clearly does not make you any more intelligent.

Twenty one percent of those asked believe that onling voting already exists in the UK, but that’s one that doesn’t quite exist yet. A pilot programme is in place, but, knowing the UK government, it will be 2083 before any progress in that area is made. 68 percent, however, believe that this will be possible by 2015. They are a rather optimistic bunch.

And 51 percent believe that by 2018 we will be able to call someone in space and have the same high quality as calling someone down the road. That’s providing, of course, you’re not using an iPhone 4.

Cisco Survey