Chrome OS hardware arrives in autumn

Google claims the first piece of hardware running its open sauce Chrome OS will ship in autumn.

At least that is what Sundar Pichai, a product management VP working for the all-your-data-is-belong-to-us search behemoth, told the world+dog at Computex. According to Digitimes, industry deep throats are croaking Acer will be the company to keep an eye on.

Acer launched a dual-boot netbook last year which allowed users to switch between Windows and Android, Google’s other OS.

Once upon a time Microsoft forbade PC makers to build dual-boot machines, hanging a Damocles sword above their heads, but that’s a different story entirely, please ask Jean-Louis Gassee, who found beOS.

Google offers Chromium as an OS for companies who want to release a Linux-based netbook, without the Chrome brand. Vendors have to cooperate with Google to use the Chrome label and let the data kraken have its say in terms of product development and marketing. Google is currently focusing on small netbooks with screen sizes of 10 to 12 inches, Pichai added.

Chrome is basically centered on using a browser as the main programme, using internet-based applications to work and play, whilst data is stored somewhere in the cloud. Google claims its such a nice new approach as most people use their browser most of the time. It is also a nice approach for Google, which will be able to siphon off megatons of anonymised user data. However, Google will never ever link personal user data to anonymised statistics and so forth, as no one would ever trust the company again and it would go down the drain.