Chinese sales buoy up global PC market

While, as we reported earlier today, sales of PCs in Western Europe are in decline, China is a different story altogether.

A report from Displaysearch said that as many as 100 million PCs will ship in China this year, an increase from last year of 25 percent.

The Chinese PC market growth exceeded expectations, said Displaysearch analyst Robin Wu.  That, he said, is because China has a strategy to develop the west of the country over the last 10 years.

Desktop sales are expected to exceed 52 million units while the rest of the PCs are notebooks, netbooks and tablets.

Apple leads in tablet sales in China, but other companies like Lenovo, Acer and Samsung are doing well too.  Lenovo sells its seven inch A1 Lepad for $155, and that is set to increase competition and increase shipments.

People building their own PC represent a significant share of the market, accounting for 20 million units this year.

Lenovo is top dog in China with a 23.6 percent share, but AOC is increasing its share, and currently accounts  for 8.5 percent of the market.