Chinese man builds Windows tablet from scraps

A Chinese man has earned his 15 minutes of fame by doing something that Microsoft could not.

According to a video he posted on Chinese social website Youku, Liu Xinying pieced together an iPad dead ringer using stuff he had lying around, like computer parts, a touch screen and a case with a keypad.

Liu called it the “DIY IPAD 3”. He ends up with a functional tablet computer that looks like a thick iPad but runs on Windows.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the 21-year-old said that since he posted the video online a month ago, he has knocked back loads of requests from people wanting him to make them a cut-price iPad.

He said that he only did it for fun but he did make the point that even using marked up components he was able to build it for $287. Given this half of what Apple charges for its toys, it shows how much Chinese people have to pay. The iPad 2’s bill of materials sits at about $326.

Sadly, technologically it is out of the reach of many iPad owners who are forbidden to replace the batteries in the machines, let alone configure a touch screen. Still, Liu’s machine has a proper keyboard which makes it easier to type with.