Chinese LCD TV market is now world's largest

China has moved ahead of the US in LCD TV demand in 2010, with 39 million units accounting for 21 percent.

This meant that the nation’s LCD market has surpassed the 19 percent share owned by the US, with three quarters of the Chinese market now held by domestically based firms.

Displaybank recently claimed that global sales totalled 261.8 million in 2010, a 31 percent jump from the previous year.

It is thought China, which is making a habit of leapfrogging the US recently in terms of supercomputers or as a superpower, will retain its top position in the market this year with an 18 percent increase year on year to 46 million units in 2011.

These top six Chinese TV makers, Changhong, Haier, Hisense, Konka, Skyworth and TCL, also now account for 15 percent of global shipments, showing the increasing dominance in the global LCD TV segment.

In terms of TFT panel suppliers, CMI held the largest share with 32 percent, with LG Display increasing its share to 21 percent following a two percent increase.

Meanwhile Korean Samsung fared worse, with a drop of five percent year on year giving the firm 18 percent share and leaving it in third place.

There was an increase in the supply from Taiwan based panel makers for the top six Chinese LCD TV makers, up five percent to 52 percent.

This signified a shift away from the Korean market which saw a three percent drop down to 39 percent.

In terms of types of TFT LCD panels being used LCD cells without Backlight Units (BLUs) accounted for 26 percent of the market, while a marked increase in popularity of LED BLUs was noted with a rise from just one percent in 2009 to 11 percent the following year.

According to Ricky Park, senior analyst at Displaybank, in the past there has been a combination in LCD panels of BLU and LCD cells, but a recent trend has seen Chinese TV manufacturers working directly “on the module which increases sourcing type of only purchasing LCD cell”.

Of the LCD cells used in displays in 2010 Taiwanese firms accounted for 46 percent, while Korean firms were responsible for 2 percent.

Shipments of TFT LCD panels with 3D capabilities to the Chinese brands sat at only 30,000 units.

However, aggressive promotion of 3D TV in China this year is expected to drive sales to a sharp rise as the market increases over 2011.

Panel sourcing share of top six Chinese TV brands by country in 2010:



Panel supply type towards top six Chinese TV brands by country in 2010