Chinese farmer builds cannon tower to stop eviction

A farmer from Wuhan has taken an “Avatar” approach to stop himself from being evicted.

Yang Youde has created homemade cannons to fight a 100-man-strong eviction team, which is trying to get him off a 25 mu of land, which he had originally leased until 2019. However, last year the land, which Mr Youde had been using to rear cattle and fish and grow cotton and fruits, was requisitioned.  

He has refused to move out after the vendor would not give information on the settlement Mr Youde was owed for the breaking of the contract. There are policies that state outsiders  must not enter/exit at will, or they will be responsible for any accident that happen to them – so Yang has set up a home made arsenal to ensure he won’t be carried out.

This includes a hand-truck, which has its front removed and filled with a set of rockets for use as an artillery battery. When 30 evictors approached the house to demolish it Mr Youde fired the rockets and they fled promising to come back. To stop them Yang then built a cannon tower, which he used to defend himself against 100 evictors who turned up at the door with helmets, shields and bulldozers
Yang Youde told that he will continue to stand up against the evictors.  He has “researched and developed” new weapons such as “petrol bombs” as well as set up a sofa on the cannon tower so that he can be on watch twenty-four hours a day. We found this via Something Awful Forums, and it seems legit:


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