China's rubbish tips packed with big brand electronics

The Shanghai Scrap blog claims that large amounts of  HP, Samsung, and Panasonic technology is ending up in China’s rubbish tips.

It had been know that China’s rubbish tips were the place for old computers often shipped from the West. But now it turns out that nearly-new but defective items as well as electronics that returned to manufacturers for warranty repair are ending up there.

Blog writer Adam Minter visited the Chinese e-waste recycling hub of Guiyu which was located at southern China’s Guangdong province.

A million tons of e-waste have being shipped there per year.

Minter found HP-branded monitors and hard disks, AMD display cards, ATI Radeon graphics cooling fans all lying around, waiting to be recycled unprofessionally.

We say recycled – but this often involves people boiling down the cards and breathing toxic fumes. The average kid in the region has more lead in them than the roof of Canterbury Cathedral.

But the question was why companies like HP, Samsung, Panasonic and AMD couldn’t find a better way to make use of the working parts that exist in these new electronics and components.

All companies whose gear appeared in the rubbish tip claim to have green environment policies.