China gets paranoid about US anti-missle "encirclement"

A report in the Peoples’ Daily, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, indicates that the country is getting paranoid about the USA again.

The article, sourced to China Daily, claims that the latest deal between Taiwan and the US to buy Patriot missile systems is the “key part of a US strategic encirclement of China in the East Asian region”.

Japan, South Korea, the UAE and Germany have also bought these systems but it’s somewhat specious to suggest that Germany and the United Arab Emirates could be considered to be any part of an encirclement.

Patriot missile, from WikiCommonsThe article quotes an air force colonel Dai Xu as saying that the ring begins in Japan, goes through nations in the South China Sea to India, and ends in Afghanistan. Another “expert” claims the US anti-missile system near China replicates its strategy in Eastern Europe.

Washington also wants to sell Patriots to India, according to the Peoples’ Daily, here.