China bans booth babes

The Chinese Communist Party took time out from its business schedule of concubines, prostitutes and corruption to issue a ban on booth babes at an online gaming fair in Shanghai.

A government directive on “vulgarity” was served on the ChinaJoy Expo, which is well-known for booth babes who dress up in hot pants and bras to dance and pose at company booths.

According to the Shanghai Daily one booth babe moaned that she was being forced into a dress which was longer than a Communist Party speech praising the leader.

The convention wasn’t allowed to show two-thirds of a showgirl’s back – and bans the girls from sticking printed logos on “sensitive positions” like over their boobs.

In a radical move, ankles will be allowed, provided organisers have a communist party official reading from the little red book to keep workers focused.

Some online games companies are worried that no one will go to the expo. In some cases it was the closest that male gamers got to real live women’s breasts since they got a peek of their mother’s.

The government frequently launches campaigns against what it sees as obscene behaviour. Once it issued a purge on “sexually provocative sounds” on television. It is remarkably similar to the old BBC which once had a list of phrases which were not allowed to be used on air, including “suggestive references to honeymoon couples, chambermaids, fig leaves, prostitution, ladies’ underwear (eg, ‘winter draws on’), animal habits (eg, ‘rabbits’) and the vulgar use of such words as ‘basket’.

Like Aunty, the Chinese purges have little apparent effect, besides, games would just go to Taiwan.