Chimei-Innolux goes green for gimmick

Taiwanese TV manufacturer Chimei-Innolux has announced the release of what it claims is the world’s first carbon neutral, a move which experts believe is little more than a recurring fad amongst manufacturers.

The 42 LED-backlit LCD TV will be produced to focus on the Environmental Protection Administration’s promotion of carbon neutrality by minimising the carbon emissions involved in manufacturing, packaging and service life by working in partnership with the firm’s vendor arm.

This will mean the carbon neutral telly emitting only 950kg, with the firm claiming that a traditional set would release up 2,000kg over its life span, with the purchase of carbon credits bringing the total down to zero.

While CMI CEO Hsing-Chien Tuan states that the firm aims to “continue promoting the green-value LCD display industry chain,” and provide “customers with a wide range of green services”, it is unlikely that it will be anything more than a symbolic gesture.

According to Goksens Sertler, TV display analyst at Meko, making bold ‘green’ claims are nothing new with TV manufacturers.

“This is a different take on a recurring trend in the TV market, with major firms having made similar claims in the past such as using solar energy or focusing on recycling,” Sertler said.

“Essentially it is a gimmick and the firm are trying to find a new way to promote the sales of TV sets in a year when there is no easy promotion, as opposed to 2012 which will give easy promotion of sales for the Olympics and European Championships.”

Sertler says that while UK buyers are likely to welcome environmentally friendly products, they are often unwilling to pay extra cash for the features.

And with the TV panel market already on the downturn it will be difficult to offset the increased cash onto the consumer.

“However the thought of a carbon neutral set is likely to resonate with the public, so with the right marketing we could see this catch on with other brands.”