Cheap tablet flogger CherryPal accused of scamming customers

It would appear maker of cheap Android kit Cherrypal has managed to disappoint customers for the second time. After numerous complaints of failing to deliver on shipping, and then subsequently refunding the Cherrypal Asia and Africa models, complaints are beginning to flood in about the Cherrypad

One commenter, calling himself Harry, suggested we look at what a former customer of Cherrypal had to say. He’s certainly not a happy chappy, suggesting that things aren’t what they seem.

Earlier this year, there was a long wait with many of his customer inquiries completely ignored. Four weeks later he was promised a refund. He didn’t get a refund.

Max Sebold, the guy in charge, has been failing to deliver again. Products haven’t arrived and there’s been no customer service, again.

TechEye contacted Max before the CherryPad complaints began to roll in. He was quick to defend the previous Africa and Asia models: “Yes, we are aware of the fact that not everyone is a friend of Cherrypal. When we launched the Cherrypal Africa and Asia earlier this year we literally got run over by orders and experienced shipping and processing delays. 

“Further, some customers returned units without providing sender and order information and it was impossible to track the order history.

“Last but not least, we are also aware of the fact there is a group of people badmouthing us on the web without any firsthand Cherrypal experience. We are in touch with all customers that experienced processing issues. See also. If you have any further questions please let me know.”

Max replied again: “Let me add one more thing. There is ample proof of satisfied customers domestically as well as internationally. We have spent considerable time and efforts to support partners and organisations in developing countries but also low-income neighborhood in industrialized countries, see also Some Cherrypal followers pointed out: Just the fact that you are dealing with Nigeria and Ghana makes you a scam artist. “

But it’s tough to have first hand experience with a product if it never arrives on the door step.
When we passed on Max’s comments to a friend of TechEye, he rebuked his response: “Whatever he says now does not change the fact that he lied to me several times. Nor does it change the fact I never got the unit ordered. You might want to look at Cherrypal’s BBB rating. He has 12 unanswered complaints.”

Additionally, The Digital Reader  which first tried to bring Seybold to book, believes he has a slew of aliases which he has also been sued under. They are: Wolfgang Max Seybold, Max Wolfgang Seybold, Max W. Seybold and Wolfgang M. Seybold.

These names are listed as defendants in “so many lawsuits that it shows a pattern – he is quite clearly a scammer,” writes The Digital Reader. Here are some: Aok Management, Sayer Fausto, Credit Suisse, Silicon Valley Bank and American Express

Along with a number of unhappy customers, his ex-wife  has apparently also sued him for fraud.

Hard lessons learnt for Cherrypal’s latest customers, maybe, but whether they’ll get their products or a refund remains to be seen.