Channel partners begin iPad 3 bean spilling

Channel and manufacturing partners are loosening their lips with a staggering amount of information about the iPad 3 over in Taiwan.

Taiwan Economic News has the scoop. According to its sources, some of the components and assembly line will remain the same. LG Display will be supplying the panels for the iPad 3, and Hon Hai, aka Foxconn, will mostly put the machines together. 

More panel makers enter the fray from Taiwan, which is good news for that country’s industry in general, including a backlight module producer that already has Apple backing called Radiant Opto-Electronics Corp. Panel makers TPK and Wintek will be in the chain. TPK has allegedly penned in delivery for September, with monthly shipments reaching up to one million units by December.

As the tiff with former Frenemy Samsung escalates about competing products and intellectual property, Apple is reportedly digging its heels in by heading to Japan’s Sharp instead. Sharp has, the Taiwanese sources say, started a new production line for Apple alone.

Apple plans to take a couple of steps back from its heavy reliance on Foxconn’s work, CENS says, and will introduce Pegatron into the assembly line as a back-up to keep production steady.

Sources say Cupertino opened its eyes when a Hon Hai building blew up and prompted a glitch in Apple’s iPad 2 supply line.