Chaintech returns to motherboard sales

Taiwanese vendor Chaintech withdrew from sales of motherboards five years ago, but has returned to what it believes is a burgeoning market.

Chaintech’s marketing manager, Candice Yu, told TechEye that her company had decided to re-enter the market because of buoyant sales in China and other developing territories.

Desktop and MiniITX motherboards are currently being sold to China, along with graphics cards and SSD drives, and Chaintech also intends to enter other markets, including Europe, once it has set up the appropriate supply chain. Chaintech will also create ODM level products for re-branding by third parties and has a variety of SKUs aimed at different sectors.

Yu said that Chaintech has teamed up with ColorFly to also create products for both the ODM and regular markets.

Chaintech, before it withdrew from the motherboard market five years ago, was a considerable player in the European market with a distribution centre in The Netherlands and sales offices in many other locations.