CES 2012 surprises named: more tablets

An executive of the Consumer Electronics Association has let slip that the upcoming CES 2012 will be more of the same, with a range of Intel-powered laptops thrown in for good measure.

Tablets are expected to steal the show, yet again, despite murmuring among PC manufacturers that the fad is losing consumer interest. PC Pro reports Shawn DuBravac, director of research for the show, telling journalists at a CES Unveiled event that there will be a similar number of tablets as last year’s show. Which was roughly 100. None of them managed to usurp Apple’s iPad, though the future of Cupertino holding onto its top spot is debateable. 

The other big announcements will be with Ultrabooks. Intel Capital has assigned a $300 million war chest to ensure the ultra-thin, instant-on laptops become the most prevalent form factor. It’s hoping that in 2012 it will have captured 40 percent of the market. Analysts are skeptical about the dates, but DuBravac’s prediction indicates Intel partners have been busy bees getting to work on the subsidised hardware.

If Intel is going to make its mark with the Ultrabook, industry watchers predict it won’t be until further down the line when all of the ego-systems converge. Convertible, touchscreen-capable that also have keyboards, buoyed by Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Intel’s Ivy Bridge, 22nm processors will help. 

Head honcho Otellini is penned in to make an appearance where he will likely show off Ivy Bridge running on a swish looking Ultrabook.

For now, a cynic could suggest the world’s biggest tech conference in seedy Vegas, will bear certain similarities to this year’s: laptops, smartphones and tablets. But probably a bit faster.