Centrica migrates to cloud with seven year HP contract

HP has won a hefty outsourcing services agreement with UK based utilities company Centrica, worth over $400 million.

The deal will see Centrica making use of HP’s Enterprise Services for the long term: a seven year contract to be exact. It’ll move its utility services up to HP’s cloud which Centrica hopes will lower costs, speed of deployment, and interestingly for a company that deals in fossils, its carbon footprint. 

It’ll be a full migration to that trustworthy cloud – where liability and standards have still not been drawn up – and will be provided through two of HP’s UK data centres. One will be in Wynard, which HP underlines is known for “its eco-friendliness”. As is often the case, Centrica will have its data centre support delivered off-shore by HP from staff in Malaysia, the Philippines and India – by people probably dubbed Tom, Rick or Jerry*

Dave Bickerton, group CIO at Centrica, reckons HP’s utility computing won the contract because they’re “flexible, cost-effective and help reduce our carbon footprint,” he said in a statement. “Centrica is striving to improve our ability to respond to market changes to supply gas and electricity to homes and businesses more efficiently.”

*EyeSee The reason call centre staff off shore are handed nick names is because of pronunciation. According to those in the trade, it’s easier for a baffled manager to call support staff Rick rather than get their heads around saying Daggubati Venkatesh.