CD and DVDs are not worth stealing

Crime figures are proving that CDs and DVDs are on their way out.

According to figures released by Inspector Knacker of the Yard, London’s burglars won’t even grab them anymore.

These days it’s getting too difficult to shift them, after all, in a burglary you don’t get the chance to select the goods you steal. Given that people have put Celine Dion, Craig David, David Gray and other atrocities into the charts, that is probably all the rubbish that a lot of people have in their collections.

And anyway, how often have you ever been asked if you want to buy a delux edition of Babylon 5 down the pub?

Apparently, the thieves will get more dosh from an ancient laptop than they would for an entire CD collection.  Eric Phelps, a detective in London’s Metropolitan Police told the Economist that years ago there always used to be a man in a pub selling CDs.

Thefts of entertainment products like CDs and DVDs have collapsed in England and Wales, to the point that they are now taken in just seven percent of all burglaries in which something is stolen. They are now targeted no more frequently than toiletries and fags, he said.