Brits don't know how to use fancy gizmos

A survey commissioned by Sky HD, on 3,000 people, reports that those of us in the UK love shiny things but rarely know how to use them to the best of our ability – with a nationwide average of £52 billion wasted on gadgets we can’t operate each year.

The average consumer spend in the UK is £3,065 a year on electronics, but with all the new kit to play with, Sky found that over half the abilities on gadgets are not put to the test.

According to the survey, the biggest tech luddites are in Glasgow, who use only 42 percent of functions available on their gadgets. Most never even used the mp3 players on their defibrillators.

Britain is proudly flying the flag high for smarts, with the survey revealing that some folk (two percent) think  you need to be BORN with HD ready eyesight in order to view things in HD. 47 percent of those surveyed hadn’t a clue that an HD TV needs to be wired up with a set top box to get a high definition picture.