Britons more likely to get angry with PCs than humans

Britons are morely like to get angry with their PC than with a fellow human being, according to a survey conducted by AVG UK.

The anti-virus company asked 3,000 people throughout the UK about their emotional reactions to computer problems, receiving some very interesting results. 

Nearly half of those asked admitted going mad at their PC, finding it more infuriating than anything else they experienced in life. The top three reasons for people being annoyed with their computers are them being too slow, crashing, or experiencing pop-up ads on the internet. For the last problem, at least, we would advise an update to your internet browser.

Ten percent of people do not use any anti-virus software, despite the fact that there are several free options available online. A quarter of people lost information because of viruses, which is not surprising if a chunk of them have no anti-virus software. This goes a long way to explaining all of those PC crashes people are experiencing and getting angry over.

TechEye did a survey of one person and found that 100 percent would lash out at their PC if anything went wrong in their life, even if it was completely unrelated to technology. One person described his computer as “my expensive punch bag”.

This reminds us of a video we saw recently of a man destroying his PC after his girlfriend deleted his World of Warcraft characters. No wonder people need to upgrade their computers so often.