British MPs go for Windows 7

Honourable and Right Honourable Members of the UK Parliament will find they’ve been upgraded to Windows 7 although some unlucky individuals are lumbered with Windows Vista.

That emerged as Labour MP Stephen Pound asked a Liberal member of the House of Commons Commission whether computers would have Windows 7 installed.

He’s obviously been poking around a bit too, because he asked Nick Harvey, the Liberal Democrat member for North Devon why he’s spotted Windows Vista on some machines.

Harvey said that the support service for Windows 2000, installed on most computers, expires in June 2010.

“Windows 7 was launched by Microsoft on 23 October 2009 and is being tested,” said Harvey. “If the tests prove successful and it can be financially justified, Windows 7 will be used when new equipment is issued to members. Given the timescales for the withdrawal of Windows 2000 support and the relatively recent availability of Windows 7 the move to Windows 7 for administrative staff was considered the best option given the circumstances.”