Blow your wad to watch the 3D World Cup

Fancy watching Rooney and Gerrard play football in 3D? If you’ve got a load of money to blow, you can do exactly that in the comfort of your home by next month

At a press conference in Vienna, Samsung announced 3D TV’s would be shipped into Europe by the end of March, making it possible for TV watchers to get the high definition 3D experience – if they can afford it.

It is a bold move by Samsung, the world’s largest producer of flat screens, perhaps feeling that putting these high-tech devices into mass production could lower costs across the board. With the hype over Avatar ringing cash registers throughout the world , the company has put such faith in its success that half of its latest LED TVs will be 3D.

As this writer will testify, the results are very impressive and does change the way that you watch movies and sport in the home. Seeing a pop-up Premier League football match takes some getting used to, but seeing three-dimensional Rooney’s shrek headed aggression as one of his balls flies towards you is a unique experience.

Samsung only this year said that it was mass producing 3D LED screens, so it has moved fast. But all the TV’s will require glasses, which could be a problem for many as it is still seen by many as a convenience. Think of the problem of lost remote controls and how often people tend to misplace their normal glasses.

Got a group coming to watch TV on your fancy new TV set? Not going to happen unless you decide to invest in more 3D glasses, which unlike cinema ones aren’t able to be thrown away as they actively have technology working inside of them to give the 3D effect.

How much are these TVs going to be? No mention as yet, but we imagine you might have to potentially sell an organ.

All of its new 3D models will also offer the ability to download applications like iPlayer and movies straight from LoveFilm, an attempt to bring internet TV to the masses. This is due to a built-in Ethernet connection and wireless-ready capabilities.

This isn’t new – the potential has been around for a while. But the fact that a major company like Samsung now has an apps store directly accessible its latest TVs with a web connection may mean that 2010 is a year where internet TV finally takes hold.

Our guess is that it will take a long time for 3D to make its way as a regular part of our TV watching experience. The 3D glasses are not exactly as comfortable as slipping on a pair of shades, while steep drops in price will be necessary for it to become mainstream.