Bizarre pics of Segways of our time

I’m positive that the Mageek must surely be still running the competition for the most obscure pics of the Segway scooter? So I claim my £5 for this beauty. It shows to Spanish policemen in a Alicante street.

The picture is there to help promote an Alicante restaurant – simply called El Restaurante  -which somehow got hold of this TechEye hack’s business card.

Naturally, we’ve all had our memory lapses – particularly as members of the infamous Monday Club or Old Farts Drinking Club as it is occasionally known.

But how can you forget travelling to Alicante and ending up in an obscure restaurant? On that premise, Techeye decided to look through the restaurant’s phot gallery. It’s here under the option marked simply – El Restaurante.

For those withour schoolboy/girl Spanish the caption actually just says, “A secure street.”