BitTorrent forms partnership with Taiwanese research institute.

BitTorrent is getting cosy with a Taiwanese research institute.

It’s working with the government funded Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop a certification scheme for local consumer electronics makers who want to put its filesharing applications in their products.

The specification will mean that the BitTorrent application goes into PCs, DVD players and television sets. Shadowbox media viewers will also be able to put BitTorrent-certified labels on products that support or pre-load the applications.

Local electronics firms will also install DRM tools to stop BitTorrent downloads from violating music, video or document copyrights.

“BitTorrent is a globally recognised company with a community of 100 million users and technologies that have become defacto standards for most industrialised nations. ITRI is pleased to work with BitTorrent for promoting the BT logo and industry standards, and also jointly developing next-generation P2P technologies,” said Cheng-Wen Wu, general director and vice president of ITRI.

“Partnering with BitTorrent to create the standards for a new generation of BitTorrent Certified chips, designs and devices fits perfectly with ITRI’s mission of accelerating the development of industry-enabling strategies and will certainly drive growth for Taiwan’s domestic technology industry.

“It will be like the Dolby label.”

Taiwan’s institute has begun rounding up manufacturers but has not yet signed on the dotted line regarding on how to pay for the standardisation and certification project. It also hasn’t given a timeframe on the research.