Biostar gets Intel direct partner accreditation

We visited Biostar this afternoon as part of our frantic race round Old Taipei, and the company had some interesting things to say.

The company’s main focus is still on desktop motherboards, but it’s shipping quite some quantities – something like 500,000 pieces a month, said Eric Yung, the sales and marketing manager.

That has given it more access to Intel – it became an Intel direct partner last month.

Last year, Biostar revenues were $12 million.

The company has about 50 or so products in its line, a mix of AMD and Intel motherboards. Biostar won’t ship that many USB 3.0 motherboards but may change its attitude in the second half. NEC’s hegemony on controllers will change because a number of third parties, including Via, will make cheaper chips than the $9 a pop they cost right now.

Biostar has good business in Russia, South America, Eastern Europe and China, especially Brazil. But it also ships between 10,000 and 15,000 motherboards to India a month, with its partner Abacus.

Yung said that the company will also enter the notebook market – not the netbook market – which he said was dead. It will offer 12-inch and 13-inch fully fledged machines in the near future.

It also sees a future in digital signage and has ambitious plans to grab a share of internet cafe desktops in China.