Best Buy and Edelman confuse with Kindle Fire claims

The Amazon Kindle Fire was announced to quite some fanfare, and the budget tablet will likely be of interest to plenty of British punters in the run up to Christmas.

A tablet that is cheap enough to warrant doing nothing more than playing Angry Birds and watching reruns of EastEnders?  Sounds like a better idea than shelling out half a grand on the iPad to do exactly the same.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the Kindle is on its way to the shores of Britain anytime soon.

Strange, then, that PR firm Edelman is sending around a press release today about new Kindle products on behalf of BestBuy UK, leaning on its expertise in tablets.

Best Buy UK, we are told, “focuses on providing the latest and greatest products” and “that includes a large selection of e-readers and tablets for them to test and try”.

In fact Best Buy UK is “excited by how fast the tablet industry is growing and evolving”, and so hopes to offer “customers unrivalled and 100% impartial advice in tablets”.

Despite assurances that Amazon is a “valued partner”, and how “thrilled” they are, we found a Fire-shaped hole in its Kindle offerings.

Could it be that Edelman is jumping on the back of a major release to attempt to flog the second prize to UK customers?  Surely not.

But we don’t want a Kindle Keyboard, we want a Kindle Fire, so we called up Best Buy UK to make use of its “unrivalled” tablet gurus to find out when and how we can get one.

Unfortunately, we were met with what can only be imagined as a blank expression on the face of our tablet scholar when we mentioned the Fire. 

Best Buy UK had no clue when it would be available, had no way of finding out such information, and told us that it would be best to look for another tablet.

Clearly we can’t expect Best Buy UK call centres to change Amazon’s release plans in the space of a five minute phone call. But we can’t help but feel that both Best Buy UK and Edelman are guilty of using the hype to offload other products on the public.