BBC planning to broadcast 2012 Olympics in 3D

The BBC is planning to broadcast the 2012 London Olympics in 3D, according to TechRadar.

3D for the next Olympics was first rumoured back in November 2009 after the 3D craze caught on like wildfire after James Cameron made a film about some blue guys who could jump out of the screen at you, but it looks like the BBC is now committing to a plan of action and plotting out how it will manage to it all off.

The BBC’s plans so far involve filming the opening and closing ceremonies in 3D, but it qualified this announcement by saying that it cannot guarantee there will be a 3D BBC channel for people to watch it on.

Aunty is planning a number of experiments to see exactly how to film things and in what manner it can broadcast the finished product, but it will most likely feature live venues and “red button” events to showcase the 3D material.

It was also revealed that boxing and gymnastics will be the headline sports for the 3D display. These sports were chosen for the compact space and sense of depth they offer, which the BBC believes will offer “a real wow factor”. Impressive as it may be, we can’t imagine going down the pub and sticking on special specs to watch people fly into your face via polevault. 

The Beeb reckons team sports like football simply do not have the same effect, but it still plans to get some 3D footage of them for its Olympic archives.

With 3D TVs only recently coming onto the market and still costing an arm and a leg to buy, prices will have to plummet over the next two years if any sizeable amount of the population is to get a chance at donning their 3D goggles.

Why is the BBC spending licence fee cash on 3D if the majority of the UK, and the rest of the world, may not be able to see it? Some aggressive reports say that there will be plenty of 3D TVs shipped by 2012 but we’ve still got one eyebrow raised. You can see it quiver up and down on TechEye’s 3D channel, not coming soon (or ever).