Battery problems with Windows 7 are not our fault

Batteries that suddenly started running out after the users installed Windows 7 is apparently nothing to do with Microsoft.

Users have been moaning on various news groups that Windows 7 keeps claiming that their batteries are borked or running low on juice.

According to Redmond, its engineers have been exploring complaints of poor battery life for some laptops running Windows 7, and that in every case the operating system is not at fault.

Windows 7 had correctly evaluated via a new feature that those users’ batteries were failing, Redmond claims.

Posts on Microsoft Watch, TechNet and other discussion forums seem to suggest that at least a percentage of users experiencing these problems also had batteries that were either new or nearly-new.

Redmond said that every single indication it had seen are simply Windows 7 reporting the state of the battery using this new feature and we’re simply seeing batteries that are not performing above the designated threshold.

“It should stand to reason that some customers would be surprised to see this warning after upgrading a PC that was previously operating fine. Essentially the battery was degrading but it was not evident to the customer until Windows 7 made this information available.”

Windows 7 monitors the integrity of the laptop’s battery and sets a threshold of 60 percent degradation for displaying the “change battery” warning.

OEM engineers who looked at the problem seemed to agree with Redmond after testing the batteries with their own gear.