Aussies tell Apple to sling its hook

Aussies say that an injunction banning the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets in Australia is not fair dink-um and they are rushing to buy “illegal” tablets.

Australia is supposed to be a Samsung tablet free zone after Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett issued an injunction against the outfit which effectively gave Apple a monopoly on keyboardless netbooks in Godzone.

The only problem is that a large number of tablet buying Australians do not want to have to sell their soul to buy a place in Apple’s walled garden of delights and are running to buy the tablets online

eBay and web stores such as, Expansys, Techrific and dMavo are bypassing Samsung Australia and obtaining stock from other countries, such as Hong Kong.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, lists a shedloads of Aussie sellers offering the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and there are more than 2,000 results on eBay. Some, such as MobiCity, offer a 12-month Australian warranty.

Online seller Ruslan Kogan was also selling Galaxy Tab 10.1 units but withdrew them from the market after receiving legal threats from Apple. Others which are hosted overseas are telling Apple to go forth and multiply.

One senior patent lawyer pointed out that the outcome of the injunction is not harming Samsung but killing off Australian retailers who do not have the opportunity to compete.

Justice Bennett should have twigged that in a global consumer economy there was no point in an Australian court slapping an injunction on a mass-market consumer product that is, in any event, widely available for purchase online.

The ban also has helped market Samsung’s tablet and appears to be increasing sales. One director of claimed he was importing hundreds of Galaxy Tab 10.1 units to cater to a large influx of inquiries after the court ruling.