Aussie artists create Apple Macbook fragrance

A group of Aussie artists have created a unique fragrance for their upcoming art exhibition which they call the scent of Macbook Pro.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Greatest Hits, which is an artistic collaborative group based in Melbourne, commissioned scent maker Air Aroma to help make the pong.

Apparently the scent incorporates elements of the plastic wrap on the box, the ink on the cardboard, the smell of the plastic inside and the aluminium of the laptop fresh from the factory.

It is not the smell of melting plastic that an Apple II used to give off as it caught fire, but according to Air Aroma’s blog post. “Apple fans will certainly recognise this smell.”

How much of a rabid fanboy you would have to be to want to dab the perfume behind your ears, no one has actually said. Certainly we cannot see the scent attracting any members of the opposite sex.

Still we have no doubt that the New York Times will run a long gushing op ed about how the fragrance is a “game changer” and how the entire history of fragrance has evoked into something “cool.”

Fortunately for the ever lowering standards of humanity “scent of a MacBook” is not commercially available. It means that the Old Spice, and Jo Lo toxic concoction which turns the 8.10am from Nottingham into a chemical spill of biblical proportions will not have to add the smell of a Macbook too its lethal mix.