AUO claims new PV module is at 'world's highest' efficiency

AUO has announced that it will showcase what it claims to be the world’s highest efficiency PV module – which enables a conversion rate of 19.5 percent efficiency.

The electronics firm will unveil its SunForte PM318B00 product at the 2011 SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation Exhibition & Conference.

The high efficiency mono-crystalline module will be targeted towards densely populated urban areas with smaller rooftops, claiming that the product is roughly 40 percent higher than that of a conventional module in the industry.

However, whether or not the claimed ‘world’s highest’ 19.5 percent efficiency is specifically with regards to the PV module or the cells is not clear.  Cells are usually discuss by manufacturers as they work at a higher efficiency due to smaller size, with other companies such as Sanyo having reached past the 20 percent mark in cells that are currently on the market.

AUO will also be showing off its PM240P00 module which will be able to withstand salt corrosion and moisture in coastal or humid areas, as it attempts to make further inroads into the PV module market since beginning to develop its solar business back in 2008.

AUO will also be emphasising its green credentials with eco-friendly PV modules through what it considers to be the world’s highest efficiency vertical solar value chain, including polysilicon raw material, solar cell, PV module and system projects

AUO is also set to estalish a high-efficiency PV plant in Tianjin, which will be the first PV plant in China acknowledged by U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification.

The green facility, with an expected capacity of 1GW, is due to be completed soon with construction and equipment installation expected to be finalised this year.