AU Optronics wins case against LG

AU Optronics claims to have won a patent lawsuit against LG Display in the US and will bring about an injunction to stop its South Korean rival from flogging some of its gear in the Land of the Free®.

Talking to the Taipei Times,  AUO  spokeswoman Hsiao Ya-wen said her company will claim damages from LGD and charge royalties if LGD and its customers export products using AUO patents.

She said that this was a major legal victory in the history of patent lawsuits between local companies and their global rivals.

The case was before the US District Court for the District of Delaware.  It ruled that  LGD infringed four AUO patents at the centre of a counter-suit AUO brought against the South Korean firm in 2006.

The US court ruled that AUO did not infringe any of the four patents asserted by LGD in the original lawsuit.

The four patents are US Patent No. 6,778,160; No. 6,689,629; No. 7,125,157 and No. 7,090,506, patented technologies designed respectively to improve response time, improve reliability of LCDs, solve the problem of defects in the displayed images and provide a compact structure useful for small hand-held devices.

LG has had little luck suing AUO.  In 2006, LGD it had a crack against the outfit alleging that the Taiwanese firms were illegally using its LCD manufacturing technologies.

LGD claimed more than $690 million of damages from AUO, but the Taiwanese firm was cleared of all charges.