Asus will not take its tablets

While prototypes of tablet PCs are sitting around in the Asus lab, the outfit has no plans of putting any into production.

In an interview with, Chairman Jonney Shih said that he was not following the Apple tablet hype for machines with touchscreens and no keyboards.

Shih said he had a few kicking around but the maker of the eeePc is holding back on releasing any.

While Redmond and HP have been falling over themselves to release a tablet to jump on the Jobs’ Mob bandwagon, Shih thinks it is the wrong time to release a tablet.

He predicts the devices will not be successful until there are easily accessible online stores of books, music, videos, games and other content tailored to the form factor.

Shih said that the content is still not attractive enough today to the customer.

He thinks it will happen eventually. He even predicts a future where Apple, Google and Microsoft each provide major online content stores and web apps designed for touchscreen tablets, but not yet.