Asus unveils Russian doll tablet, the Padfone

Asus has unveiled a prototype Russian doll style tablet that houses a smartphone in its belly at Computex today.

The Padfone is a smartphone which powers the ‘dumb’ 10.1 inch tablet which acts as a larger screen for the 4.3 inch phone.

Asus CEO Johnny Shih said at the conference that the firm is still working on finalising the product which the firm claims gives “exciting new possibilities for mobile computing and communication”.

The device is targeted at those who want to choose the size of screen depending on task, for example you might not want to watch a whole film on a smartphone but it is easier to haul around during the day.

All of which definitely sounds like an innovative approach to the grey area that exists between tablets and smartphones. Fixing the problem of which one to purchase by selling you both is probably not going to be cheap, though no specifics about pricing or release date have emerged as yet.

The firm, which also produces that detachable EeePad Transormer, also announced that it was working on more innovative products including a glasses free 3D version of the EeePad, the MeMO 3D, the “world’s first PC motion sensing controller”, and a 27 inch all in one desktop.