Asus Transformer shortages due to strong demand, says Asus

Asus has attempted to put rumours to bed surrounding shortages of its Transformer tablet, with the firm’s head office stating strong demand is the reason for scarcity.

There had been talk of a lack of devices being attributable to component shortages, as well as NetbookNews hearing from the Asus marketing department in UK that quality control had dented availability of products.

However, a spokesman at the firm’s headquarters in Taiwan, David Chang, has insisted that the product’s disappearance is due to strong demand, though it is not clear or explained why two branches are giving reasons which appear to be rather contradictory.

According to Chang, production levels are currently at an expected 100,000 in May, doubling with 200,000 or more units knocked out for shoppers in June.

Chang said that if demand continues to increase then “we will have to ramp up production in order to fulfil our customer’s demand”, with Asus seemingly blind-sided by the interest in its product.

Now the firm appears to be very hopeful of exceeding second quarter expectations of 300,000.

The news comes after rumours abound that Asus was only capable of producing 10,000 units per month, with shortages leading to cancellation of orders by US firm Target.

So we should see the Eee Pad Transformer surface soon if Chang is correct.