Asus to release ARM-based Windows tablet in 2012

Asus has signed up to be one of the first to run Windows 8 on an  ARM-based tablets next year.

A slide shown at the Asus 2011 Investor Conference has given a glimpse of Windows making a splash in the tablet market without its life partner Intel.

Apparently two ‘hero’ products will be released as Asus positions itself as one of the leading firms in the alliance of Windows and ARM, according to ZDNet.

ARM has been making lots of noise recently about planned world domination with its low power, high processing 28 nm chips, and it looks like Asus plans to use this to boost its own market share.  But it would perhaps not be a surprise if A15 chips are the first to see Windows 8.

It is not certain if the two ‘hero’ products will be ARM-based, but it is fairly likely.  Afterall releasing a tablet with Intel these days is hardly going to win Asus the Victoria Cross.

Meanwhile the dithering ink seller HP also made a Windows tab related announcement.  HP has decided, after nearly killing off its PC Unit, to launch the Windows 7 Slate 2 device.

HP has already put the bullet in its webOS-based TouchPad tablets,  and this Tablet is an update to the Slate 500 released last year.  

The 8.9 inch tablet, is aimed at the business market and will have a 1.50Ghz Atom Z670 single core chip.  Yawn.