ASUS releases new extreme Intel board

ASUS has introduced a new motherboard which is based on the Intel Z77 chipset and supports a fair chunk of Chipzilla’s 2nd and 3rd generation Core processors.

Dubbed the ROG Maximus V Extreme, the board has a ROG OC Key attachment which allows for detailed OSD TweakIt and OSD Monitor for parameter modification.

This means that it is possible to work on the hardware level to enable real time adjustments and provide detailed system info, without having to tax the CPU.

The board also comes with Subzero Sense technology, which can detect deep-freeze cooling of critical components, and Intel’s 10GB Thunderbolt connection.

ASUS said that the ROG Maximus V Extreme includes a VGA Hotwire, which allows for quick DIY soldering of voltage points on the board and select ASUS graphics cards. This is designed to make sure that the motherboard works better with GPUs and it also improves overall tuning performance.

The bought has five PCI Express 3.0 slots, two of which are native-linked to the CPU to improve graphics performance. There is an NVIDIA 4-way SLI and AMD CrossFireX which have been tarted up with a LucidLogix Virtu MVP multi-GPU optimisation.

It also adds mSATA and works together with Intel Smart Response Technology to accelerate data access through solid state hybrid storage.

As you might expect from a gaming and overclocker’s board, this is not cheap. Prices on one site set it at $539.41