Asus partners with Bang & Olufsen for shiny and expensive NX90 laptop

Asus is moving to shrug off its reputation for cheap and cheerful netbooks. It has gone all out and launched the all singing NX90 notebook with audio designed by hi-fi specialists and reserve of the too-much-money brigade Bang & Olufsen.

The luxury laptop has been drawn up by designer David Lewis. It has an 18.4 inch high definition screen with two large speakers totalling 108cc, 3-4 times better, says Asus, than your average traditional laptop speakers.

Other features include two large touchpad areas either side of the keyboard, which enjoy two-handed movements, zooming and scrolling, and a mirror finish case, which is perfect for the vain. And let’s face it – if you can afford this, you probably are, to a point.

The specs aren’t bad either. The machine offers Intel Core i7 processors and 6GB DDR3 RAM. There’s also storage space of up to 1.2 terabytes and it sports USB 3.0.

The NX90 costs £2,499 and will be available from Harrods, Micro Anvika, Selfridges and Comet.