Asus confirms Tegra tab on way

Taiwanese giant Asus spent a great deal of time with us today, and had  plenty new to show off and other things to say.

Asus said it will show off a Tablet PC at Computex. And more than that, sources confirmed it will have a Tegra based tablet it will show off at the show in June too. Nevertheless, a little like MSI yesterday, Asus is “testing the water” with the tablet design. It’s old enough to remember previous attempts to make tablets.

Gaming Notebook
Heck, this one was a beast to behold. According to the guys, the G73GH is based on a Stealth Fighter design. It will produce a GTX400 version with 8GB of memory, supporting DX11, and with a rear venting design. It’s also angled to be a five degree typing surface. Heck, it’s big and it’s a bit heavy. Unlike the…

Eee Karim Rashid 1008P-KR Netbook
This is a “designer” netbook, modelled by Egyptian Karim Rashid. The thingie has a sort of sinuous surface, has a 10-inch LED screen, weighs just over a kilogram, includes a VGA dongle cunningly built into the base of the netbook, uses the Intel Atom N450, has a 215GB drive, and ships with two batteries. Each, claims Asus will give six hours battery life. The two colours it comes in are pink – what Asus calls orgulous for some reason – and brown, so you can read John Wooden’s poetry, says Asus. It’s a Windows 7 netbook only, and will ship with the Atom 455 later on this year – there is a version available for sale now. It will set you back about £380 quidlets or so.

EeTop PC 2010 – All in One
This is quite an interesting baby. It has a 20-inch widescreen and is less than an inch thick, and it’s upgradeable. Asus will sell it in both AMD-ATI flavours and Intel-Nvidia flavours. It has a multi-touch screen, and uses multitouch gestures and also comes with a VESA compatible wall mount at the back. You can switch between Windows and a console mode if you’re in download mood.

In a few week’s time, Asus will release its Rappage III Extreme, based on the X58 chipset. This belongs to its Republic of Games (Rog) brand and is aimed at hard core gamers. What’s interesting about this mobo is that it comes with an optional Bluetooth module, so you can remotely clock it using your smartphone. Not every smartphone – so far the OSes supported are Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Android. You can also do similar stuff from your notebook, plugging the two together using a USB wire, although this is not a connection, it’s a proprietary thing that just uses a similar socket to do its business.  In LN2 mode, and if you’re completely crackers, you can do overclocking messing around with liquid nitrogen and that. It can also support four VGA screens. Asus claims the design of the Rampage III is functional as well as aesthetically ok.

And the Bluetooth module…

Ultra Wide Broadband PC keyboard
Heck – the last time Intel talked to us about UWB it was at an IDF years and years ago – perhaps after the Palm Springs glory days, but not long after that.  Asus’ Eee keyboard has a CPU inside, two speakers inside, and can operate over five etres using UWB at 480Mbps data transfer rate. The thing also has a built in touch screen that you can fiddle about with – although it can connect to a monitor as well. When Asus decides to release this, it is likely to do so in selected territories only – it will ship with an Intel Atom chip and a solid state drive. What’s the snag? Well UWB is still not quite ready for the world, it appears. We must ask Intel what’s going on with this when we get a chance.

Et les specs, not flics…

Bamboo Collection II
Asus already had a series of notebooks called the Bamboo Collection, now it’s readying the Bamboo Collection II – there’s bamboo at the back of the screen and on the keyboard too. This, according to Asus, is for trendy people – we can exclude ourselves from that. This will launch mid April and be in the channel in May. It will incorporate USB 3.0 and Asus reckons while it may not reach 10X speed over USB 2.0, it will still be a heck of a lot faster. For example, USB3 will save an hour if you’re charging your iPhone from a USB 3.0 equipped machine. If you have an iPhone, that is. Machines will come with Nvidia’s Optimus.