Asda undercuts Amazon Kindle with £52 e-book reader

You’ll soon be able to pick up an e-book reader with those crates of cheap but potent vodka, if you can manage to get your eyes in focus beyond the routine cheap own-brand booze run.

Asda has joined the e-book reader bandwagon and is trying to do what it does best – undercut the competition. It plans to flog its reader for £52, which is less than half the price of Amazon’s lowest cost Kindle.

The View Quest Mediabox 5 inch Media Tablet has music and video playback – presumably so users can play back the “That’s Asda Price” jingle. Just like the Kindle, people can also read their books in portrait or landscape.

However, unlike Amazon’s offering there’s also an opportunity to store and view photos as well as a built in voice recorder. The tablet is backlit for night time reading, and has a power saving mode to improve battery life. Asda also claims that its reader can play films.

This all sounds great in an Asda-approved press release but we have a looming suspicion it is like comparing a steak to an Asda basic pork pie. 

Did you know the web-sanctioned short hand for “buy one get one free” is BOGOF? Users can BOGOF with Asda’s e-book library that offers out-of-copyright classic titles free.*

This of course is something Amazon offers too, and includes works by authors such as Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, HG Wells, Mark Twain, Jane Austen and Emily Bronte.

Still, there’s no doubt a market for the spend-savvy consumer to save some change and tap themselves on the arse in that Asda way.

We will have to reserve judgement until we’ve had a hands-on. But we’re really looking forward to the Lidl and Aldi equivalents. 

*EyeSee Books are available through Project Gutenberg.