As HDD prices rocket, SSDs get even cheaper

Price comparison service Idealo has been carefully looking at how the flooding in Thailand has had an effect on hard drives, and has found during the manufacturing SNAFU solid state drives were getting even cheaper. 

By looking in the channel and monitoring price increases in European retail outlets, it noticed that hard drives suffered a 150 percent price increase. Idealo noticed that the main impact was on 2.5″ hard drives, commonly used in notebooks, because the larger 3.5″ models are usually manufactured in Malaysia or China. As prices for HDDs rocket, 2.5″ SSDs have been falling instead.

70 percent of the top 50 popular SSD drives it monitored on its networks had falling price trends in a wide range of capacities, from 60GB to 1TB. Although SSD prices were already getting cheaper, between 14 – 31 October there was a 10 percent price decrease, falling $1.17 per day. Then, in November, prices dropped five percent more, losing 33 cents from the price tag per day.

Idealo says that SSD prices per GB have dropped five times quicker than before the floods, and that the average between 14 October and 1 December dropped 15 percent. That means that if the rate of decline for SSD prices stayed the same, within a year they’d be competitve with HDDs.

In general, it seems that the flooding in Thailand has proved useful for increasing the adoption of SSDs. The full report, with plenty of graphs to look at, is available here