ARM looks to single-board computers

ARM is starting to look more seriously at the single-board computers in a bid to take a slice of the market dominated by Intel and PowerPC chips.

While has dominated handsets it has yet to make any real impact with traditional embedded systems.

However at the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley, Micro/sys has indicated that it will show off a board based on an 800-MHz Cortex-A8 CPU core.

It is a i.MX515 microprocessor built by Freescale and is aimedat high-performance, low-power embedded applications. Micro/sys says that the board will ship in the first week of May.

It will be priced at $595 which is between $100 to $300 less than an Intel-based board with similar performance specs. One of the reason is that it is as chip as chips is because it only uses one chip instead of two which are the norm for an Intel board.

Micro/sys told Embedded that it will continue down the ARM path and this one will be followed by family members that move both up and down the performance spectrum.

The SBC1651 ships with all the typical I/O. It has USB On-The-Go, real-time clock, watchdog timer, audio support, TV out, 24-bit LVDS flat panel display output, 4-wire touchscreen interface, two PWM outputs, a SATA HDD port, two SD/MMC card slots, 1-Wire interface, seven serial ports, and 24 lines of discrete I/O.