ARM laptops wait for Windows 8

Hardware maker Acer has warned that there will not be any ARM based laptops until Microsoft releases Windows 8 next year.

The dark satanic rumour mill claimed that ARM based laptops will be hitting the shops as early as July.

Acer has said that while the chips might be there, it is up to the hardware makers to decide when products will hit the shops. While they could ship with something Linux-based, such as Android and Chrome, they won’t thanks to a cunning plan to make money.

It seems that the hardware makers believe that no one will seriously want to buy the laptops unless there is a chance that Windows is on board.

Windows 7 does not support ARM, so Acer thinks it is better to wait until Windows 8 which will. This was generally the view from market watchers.

According to the news comes fresh from an Acer representative at the IFA show in Berlin. The magazine did not say if alcohol or a Chinese burn caused the Acer rep to spill the beans.

This does not mean that Acer won’t eventually launch a notebook with an ARM-based chip and Google Chrome OS or another operating system. But it does mean that they will not think of trying to marry up an ARM chip with one.