ARM boss not so sure about Ipad success

The boss of ARM has been telling the world+dog that it is far too early to tell if tablet PCs will be a big part of the market for mobile devices.

Tudor Brown, president of UK-based technology group ARM, told the Financial Times that despite Apple’s initial success, and the fact that it is an interesting product he was cautious about projecting how big the segment will be in the future.

Brown says it is very early days since any of these tablets have been on the market.

Brown thinks that the growing popularity of cloud computing services over the next few years would undoubtedly create a huge market for internet-connected devices.

But Brown cautioned against getting carried away with the success of the iPad.

He said the gizmo was in a period of experimentation at the market level. He expects to see a range of devices, a few more tablets, different user interfaces, and different ways people are going to use them.

He said it was too early to make wild predictions.

He might have been a bit burnt by ARM’s unsuccessful attempt last year to bring its chips to the traditional PC markets with so-called “smart books” which were cheap laptop computers that have long battery life and constant internet connectivity.