Are Intel Ultrabags the new fashion frenzy?

Technology for women has moved on from that pink floral phone, giving us serious choices and the same options as men. However, when it comes to accessories we’re more than happy to go a bit girly.

Kitsch, starry and brightly coloured Cath Kidston covers adorn iPhones, while our laptops don’t look out of place in a Mulberry bag –  those a little bit more cost conscious may loving cradle theirs in an Orla Kiely cover.

Whatever your choice, these brands all have one thing in common – they are well established fashion names that any style girl would be proud to show off and any fashion friend would recognise immediately.

But now it seems that there’s a new contender in the market, a brand that promises to bring style and cause fashion frenzies worldwide. “McQueen” we hear you shout excitedly, “Westwood” or “McCartney” – erm no, actually it’s that “haute couture” brand Intel.

Yes, it seems Paul Otellini is so impressed with his own “fashionable” shirt and tie style that he’s gone all Gok Wan on us.

He, along with his Intel style queens, has commissioned designer Michael Michalsky to create a range of four leather bags for Intel’s Ultrabooks at a not so cost effective $700.

But it’s not just the price that’s the issue. Even at a second’s glance any fashionista will spot that these “specially designed” Ultrabags are a not so subtle copy of Chanel’s statement padded holdalls.

And we don’t doubt for one second that a few may go missing from that factory or slaughterhouse – they are leather afterall – and end up on a market stall with a little Chanel logo stuck on in a bid to trick buyers they are getting a real bargain designer number.

It’s also clear Intel hasn’t thought about who it wants to target with this new line.

Yes they are for the Ultrabook but we know we’d much rather pay a little bit more and get a “real” designer bag.

The fact that Intel is a huge well known technology, and dare we say, geeky brand, also does these bags no favours. No-one in their right minds will turn to their friend and ask: “Do you like my new Intel”. Not only does it not have the same ring as “Do you like my new Mulberry” but its not an established fashion brand which we’ll be queueing up and clawing our way through to get hold of.  

We may have taken the line a little bit more seriously had Intel entered the fashion world with a bang – big catwalk show, model and celebrity endorsements, which caught the eye of fashion journalists – but it didn’t.

Instead the bags sat limply on a table at a TECHNOLOGY trade show while Mr Michalsky told the TECH WORLD why they were such a good buy.

Paul “Gok Wan” Otellini also doesn’t seem to have convinced some of his senior execs that these bags are the bomb with whisperings that many dissociated themselves from the launch.

So where do we see these bags in the next few years? On the shoulders of Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie or being dragged up the street by a drunken Amy Childs.

More than likely it’ll be the latter and only because she was sent a freebie.