Apple's Ping is eating battery like there is no tomorrow

Jobs’ Mob’s much hated Ping social notworking service is now draining the battery life out of the shiny toys which are unfortunate enough to run it.

Ping, which allows you to share your music collection with your friends and follow your favourite beat combo artist online, is about as popular as the Boston Strangler, even amongst the most dedicated members of the Apple cargo cult.

For a start, if you try to swear, the software automatically censors what you’ve written unless you write things that Apple has not thought of such as “buttf*ck”. It does not tell you what people are listening to so you can’t talk about it. It is hard to sign up and find your friends, you don’t get status messages and it is focused on flogging music rather than sharing it.

All up, it’s a complete waste of time, which was made even worse when Apple decided to update it with the recent move to iOS 4.3 a couple weeks ago. Apple included push notifications for comments and follow requests, and parental controls.

However it appears that when trying to sort out the social notworking mess, Apple forgot to check what the software was doing to the battery. It was not long before iPhone, iPod, and/or iPad users found that their battery life had dropped fast.

Apparently the best cure is to turn the shoddy software off and never look at it again. Even better is to take a large hammer to the shiny toy and buy something more useful.

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