Apple's latest Macbook assembled as well as an Austin Maxi

Jobs’ Mob’s latest MacBook Pro can be branded a cruel joke on the innocent fanboys who write a cheque for whatever piece of junk Apple turns out.

According to, the new MacBook Pro has shipped with quality-of-build problems that shouldn’t be seen in a notebook that costs $1,800.

The site pulled to bits a 15-in. MacBook Pro, and found that the assembly was so substandard that it looks like Jobs’ Mob had hired a bunch of drunken cowboys who only worked after the pub had closed to build the thing.

Among the list of things that were broken was a stripped screw near the notebook’s subwoofer enclosure and an unlocked zero insertion force socket for the infrared sensor.

Apple seems to have gone overboard on the thermal paste which it had sprayed on the CPU and the GPU as madly as a rampant tomcat.

It is only a matter of time that the gobs of thermal paste applied to the CPU and GPU will cause overheating issues later in the machines life, apparently.

Too much paste is widely seen as shoddy assembly work because extra, visible paste doesn’t contribute to increased conductivity and might be a problem later down the line.

The magazine pointed out that while you expect this sort of build quality in something cheap and cheerful, it should not be found inside a completely unmolested computer with a $1,800 base price.

What is ironic is that the new MacBook Pro models were supposed to be an improvement in what had gone before, although most analysts say the range is pretty “ho-hum”.

For some reason Miroslav Djuric, iFixit’s director of technical communication rushed to defend Apple when talking to ComputerWorld. He said he didn’t think that a stripped screw, unlocked ZIF socket, and excess thermal paste are indicators that Apple is going downhill in terms of manufacturing quality.

However he did say that they had not seen such shonky work from Apple before and will be keeping an eye on Jobs’ Mob to make sure the outfit was not dropping down the loo.